Unlock ZTE Crescent – Orange SanFrancisco2 or Tmobile Vivacity

First of All Full Credits to Team in Modaco . Please find full credit and details at:  Modaco ZTE Crescent Unlock Thread . I’ve just rewritten the steps for simplification purposes only.

If you are starter, there are two parts to the section:  (a) Unlocking ..   &   (b) Installing ROM


Pre-requisites. Please install below softwares into your Windows PC.

  • Unzip /Archive Software. I prefer 7zip.
  • Either (Android SDK)  OR else (Install ADB + Drivers)
  • QPST Tools -  Download Here
  • Unlock File for  Vivacity   (Unlock_Vivacity.zip)  OR  San Francisco2 (========). BEWARE:  Using incorrect will BRICK your device. Extract it using 7zip into a folder. (eg:Vivacity_Unlock_Directory)
  • If you want a new ROM installed, download the ROM. Copy this ROM into your Phone’s SD card. (in Phone’s SD Card create a folder  “ROMs” and put the rom inside that for easy identification. See “Install ROM” section below)
Now Let’s Start the Action..
  1. First Check if your Phone is already Unlocked, sometimes you never Know!! :)
  2. Enable USB Debugging in your Phone (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)
  3. Connect your phone to the PC. In most cases, Windows will detect/install the required Drivers. Wait for some time and ensure everything is Green (Windows installing all drivers correctly)
  4. Turn the Phone OFF and disconnect from PC.
  5. Press and hold the Volume Down and power buttons together. This SHOULD bring you to a screen saying FTM. (Sometimes First Try will log you into Android. Shut down again, remove the battery, wait 10s, put battery again, RETRY vol down + Power Button .. repeat until you get FTM ).
  6. Connect back your Phone to PC to the same USB port which you connected before. Since you have QPST installed as a pre-requisite. Find “QPST Configuration” from START MENU in your PC, Click on “Ports” and then the “Add Port” button. (Mine was configured at COM13).            Now Press OK.
  7. Without Closing “QPST Configuration” ,  open (Start Clients -> “Software Download”)  
  8. Click “Backup” on the utility and choose where to save the “QCN” File.  Save this into your PC at a safe location.  
  9. Locate the saved QCN file and check the size of it. Ensure that its more than 10KB. if NOT try again the previous steps.
  10. Navigate into the Unlock file folder. (eg… Vivacity_Unlock_Directory ) and  run “download.exe”. (BEWARE: Ensure that you are running the correct unlock file. If you use Vivacity unlock file for OSF, it will brick the phone permanently) 
  11. If all goes Well, a pop-up window will come with  a “READY” green button below “START “.  Click START
  12. Should take atleast 2 mins.. If everything goes well, you should see a “PASS” Screen. 
  13. Go back to the “QPST Configuration” -> “Software Download” utility and click “Restore”.  Find the .qcn file you saved and restore it. 
  14. Once its successful, close the “QPST Configuration” utility.
  15. Phone should be unlocked by now.  You can remove the phone from PC.
  16. Install ClockWork Recovery Mod (CWM). Steps shown here.
  17. If you don’t have a ROM ready, it will be still stuck in screen with some boot.  Something like below Screenshot. 

(b) Installing new ROM


  • Ensure you have a suitable ROM.  As of 2012-07-25 I recommend using “CyanogenMod 9 for the ZTE Crescent“. Please read the Pro’s and Con’s before you Decide.  (courtesy to Dazzozo and rest of the team for all the efforts)
  • ROM as it is (DO NOT unzip) , copy this into your Phone’s micro SD card. (Hope you create a “ROMs” folder within SD card).  (If you can’t copy via phone, take the SD card out and put into your PC and do this action)
  • Optional – Download items like Gapps, Boot animations etc.. , download them and put them into the “ROMs” folder.
  1. In your Phone, From the last step of Unlocking, navigate using Volume Up/Down key. Use Menu button for Enter and Back Button for going back.
  2. Select “Install Zip from SD Card”.  Navigate down using volume buttons and Select “ROMs” and then select the  above selected ROM.
  3. This should install the ROM. It will take atleast 2 mins to install the ROM
  4. Install Gapps in similar manner
  5. Go back and reboot the system. The first reboot will take time.. say 5mins..  (don’t fear if its stuck in the boot logo for long.. that’s just first time only)
  6. You should be good by now.. Just make some changes  into your Android ICS …



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6 thoughts on “Unlock ZTE Crescent – Orange SanFrancisco2 or Tmobile Vivacity

  1. Please help I do not want to add ICS to my t mobile vivacity I just want it unlocked and im now stuck  at the boot menu what do i do? Please help

      • Hi just got the vivacity phone and want to unlock it.Not really bothered about custom ROMs for now.I have flashed ROMs before on other devices but never unlocked a phone .Theres just a couple of questions about things I’m not sure about

        The last step in unlocking says if u don’t have a ROM ready .Does this mean if I unlock phone that the operating system Android is wiped so I have to reinstall original or custom ROM before the phone will boot again

        And if I unlock the phone first does this automaticly install CWM

        Many thank Mark

        • 1.  Yup your original OS will be wiped as part of the procedure. Hence you want to have a ROM ready. Please see my comment above for the original factory ROM download.
          2.  Nope, you need to install CWM separately.

  2. I am stuck on step 13 – it tells me the port is not available. I try to enable and get a message saing the ort may not be working propely or is busy – can anyone suggest what to do?

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