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Create your own United States Passport , India OCI photo using GIMP

Folks, this is in continuation to existing article of how to create UK passport photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm) using GIMP . Please read that article for full understanding of how to take photo/lightings etc. American Passport Photo requires 50.8mm x 50.8mm (2" x 2") photos. So do Overseas citizen of India application ( OCI photo ). As you are all aware, GIMP is very powerful too for image editing.  This article provides a very cost effective way to print   (2" x 2")  photos from nearby print enabled stores (like Boots in the UK etc..) for less than 30pence (40 cents approx) !!  For further details on United states photo requirement, please read this article Pre-requisite Read main article of taking photography and software requirements Step by step method of editing photo From your gimp “ Toolbox ”, click the “ Rectangular Select ” tool. (Ensure that the ”Fixed Aspect Ratio” is unticked).  Draw a small rectangle surrounding your face. In the left hand-pane, choos