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Birds-eye view of Kubernetes objects

 Kuberenetes has given a 'Software view' for the 'hardware' world. That too all resources consumed via modern definitions using json/yaml and via API.  Kuberentes segments the compute resources into Worker nodes & Master Node(s) and contain persistent entities called 'Kubernetes Objects' including Containerised applications Cluster and Associated nodes Resources to these nodes The policies and tolerances on how the applications interact and behave Below is a good diagram of the various components Each component can be defined by software/code and scalable which makes kubernetes the de-facto building framework for modern micro-service applications.  In most of the scenarios the components can be tiered into  Host/Virtual machines Kuberentes Platform Containers Microservices It is hence very important to understand the difference between traditional 2 tier model and kuberentes 4 tier model for all your Operational, Security and Observability needs for a succes