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Graphical representation and statistics

Just wanted to note down some excellent links which shows stats and representation of various data. Some of these tools and powerful and very useful in dissecting data into more meaningful chunks   Office of National Statistics UK - Page showing Population and various other human stats   Google Chart tools    and Playground Fusioncharts - good for applications and Developers OECD - Better Life Index  

Step by Step PEO appointment booking

Create UKBA account. Log-on the UKBA site. Next page , click 'Book Appointment' button. Question is : 'Which service are you applying for?'  -> Learn them beforehand and answer appropriately.. (eg choose SET(O) for ILR based on employment based categories) Next screen, 'Are you applying using the premium service?' -> Select YES Remember to put any dependents with you. Put the range of dates you wish to apply.  You could select maximum upto 3 PEO's. It will present the suitable options. Select and Then press NEXT with the suitable date Confirm. Ensure you receive Email confirmation [ad#ad-3] Please also See how to get appointment to PEO

Handheld Futuristic weapons and society

Everyone must have seen in sci-fi movies about the handheld guns with lasers and waves going. But I would say the modern weapons are more advanced than that. Its more fearful that governments are now officially supporting it. Recent article from Russia Technologies might include direct-energy weapons - wave-energy weapons genetic weapons - all for mass destruction geophysical weapons - like weather modification, changing layers of atmosphere  (check HAARP project) psychotronic weapons - Brain manipulation remotely. Of course no one can gurantee these technologies won't reach others who are NOT intended for !! All these I feel are dangerous to human kind.