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Raspberry Pi based college and University Projects

I've become a huge fan of Raspberry Pi(RPi) and I was wondering the options it provides to students to do their college/University projects. So let me just give some headsup and then you are on own feet with your creativity. Basics Buy Raspberry Pi. I prefer the ModelB with 512MB RAM - Link Extend it - Edimax Wifi adapter , Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Bread board Suggested Projects and Ideas [ad#ad-3] i2c connected 1-wire masters Security Camera and storage Camera Control using commands Car camera   Raspberry Pi Store Pi Store is now open public  

Siteminder Custom Agent Installation

I was trying to install single sign-on for an application. This has to be enabled using Siteminder Custom Agent and we wrote a test program to check the connectivity. This blog will note down the main hurdles and solutions if found. Issues Encountered Following Parameters should be configured at Siteminder Policy Server end. This should be tied up in the Custom agent level as well. - Siteminder Policy Server IP - Policy Server Connection Minimum value - Policy Server Connection Maximum value - Policy Server Connection Step value - Policy Server Connection Timeout value - Policy Server Connection Accounting Port - Policy Server Connection Authentication Port - Policy Server Connection Authorization Port - An agreed unique Agent Name - Agent Secret agreed between agent and Policy Server - Agent IP (client/custom agent IP) - The resource page to protect Error while initializing the STUB program.   The error was mainly focussed on Linking the libraries. FATAL ERROR:

Create your own Passport Photo using GIMP

This tutorial is for semi-techies who knows a bit of GIMP (image editing).   This tutorial is for UK style passport photo ( 45mm x 35 mm ) which is widely used in UK, Australia, New Zealand, India etc.  This is a quick and easy process and one can create Passport photos at home If you are non-technical, use this link   .  If you want to create United States (USA) Passport photo or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) photo, please follow this link How to Make your own Passport Photo - Prerequisite GIMP - One of the best image editing tools and its completely Free USB stick or any memory device to store and take to nearby shop A quality Digital camera Local Shops where you can print. Normally it costs (£0.15 or 25 US cents) to print 8 photos Steps (Video Tutorial attached blow of this page) Ask one of your colleague to take a photo  of you with a light background. Further details of how to take a photo  yourself       Take multiple pictures so that you can choose from th

Microsoft msc command list

Windows Microsoft Management Console commands   AD Domains and Trusts domain.msc Active Directory Management admgmt.msc AD Sites and Services dssite.msc AD Users and Computers dsa.msc ADSI Edit adsiedit.msc Authorization manager azman.msc Certification Authority Management certsrv.msc Certificate Templates certtmpl.msc Cluster Administrator cluadmin.exe Computer Management compmgmt.msc Component Services comexp.msc Configure Your Server cys.exe Device Manager devmgmt.msc DHCP Management dhcpmgmt.msc Disk Defragmenter dfrg.msc Disk Manager diskmgmt.msc Distributed File System dfsgui.msc DNS Management dnsmgmt.msc Event Viewer eventvwr.msc Indexing Service Management ciadv.msc IP Address Manage ipaddrmgmt.msc Licensing Manager llsmgr.exe Local Certificates Management certmgr.msc Local Group Policy Editor gpedit.msc Local Security Settings Manager secpol.msc Local Users and Groups Manager lusrmgr.msc Network Load balancing nlbmgr.exe Performance Monitor perfmon.msc PKI Viewer

Android Bios aka Recovery console

Hope you must be aware of Windows BIOS? A similar concept do exist in Android devices, but special thanks to Koush who exploited this and created a simple to use Recovery console with some powerful options. ClockwordMod (also known as CWM) has been used extensively by Android fellas to get control and manipulate Android devices. Theory apart, let's deep dive into some of the ClockwordMod procedures Pre-requisites. Unzip /Archive Software. I prefer  7zip . Either ( Android SDK )  OR else (Install  ADB + Wrapper scripts) Device specific Clockwork Image ( List here ). ClockworkMod Installation Unzip the above ADB or Android SDK into a directory (eg   C:\myTestLocation\<unzipHere>\) Ensure your phone has sufficient charge to run in battery mode for sometime. Ensure your phone is ON. Connect the phone to your PC. Most of the cases, device specific (OEM) drivers will be installed. Now enable Debugging. (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)

Identity management and Open source alternatives

Identity Management has become a critical component in modern IT industry. Its a challenge to choose the best product, while ensuring the flexibility is not lost due to increase in employee base and adhering to security compliance needs. Some of the key industry leading products include CA Siteminder, Oracle Access  Manager, IBM Tivoli Access Manager and so on. Before explaining the products and alternatives, let's analyze the different capabilities required for an IT enterprise. Identity management solution normally requires Access Management, Federation, Web Services Ability, Policy Based Enforcements, Enterprise Single Sign on (ESSO) and so on. Let's see a sample Comparison table for each of the products Comparison of Major Identity management solutions CA Siteminder Oracle Access Manager IBM Tivoli Access Manager Access Management Yes Yes Yes Federation Require Federation Mgr Oracle Identity Federation Federated Identity Mgr Web Services Support CA WS Manag

Safe Browsing from office and home

You might have thought how safe is to click on a link which your friends send to you.  Many links would be malicious. It would be good to preview the link before you click them.  Here are some options to make things Safe For Work (SFW) [ad#ad-3] Using Google Cache - of course, the simplest and most widely used technique. Put the URL into google and see the cached version Tackle Short URLs - See the contents or the real URL behind the short URL is bit tricky. But fortunately, there are some good sites out there to get the meta information and even the screenshot !!  eg. Use Proxy sites - There are tons of proxy sites out there where you can tryout.  You could use mine if required. Mask the website on first load - If you slowly want to see what's inside a website, but it shouldn't open up immediately there are some cool tools. is a good website. It masks the required content website using a black mask and y

ldap and Java

For those who are starters with LDAP, a good article can be found in Wikipedia .  The LDAP URL is fairly extensible and a sample format is ldap://host:port/DN?Atributes_to_Fetch?range?SearchFilter?extensions hostname is the Fully Qualified (FQDN) or IP address of the LDAP server to search. port is the network port (default port 389) of the LDAP server. DN is the distinguished name to use as the search base. Atributes_to_Fetch is comma-separated. range specifies the search scope and can be "base" (the default), "one" or "sub". SearchFilter is a search critiera. Can accept wild characters too extensions are optional. A sample ldap program in Java import*; import javax.naming.*; import java.util.Vector; import java.util.Enumeration; import java.util.Properties; public class search { public static void main(String[] args) { String base = "cn=generic,ou=MyClient,ou=Applications,ou=Pacific,"; String

C# online coding - Run .NET code online

How to run .net code online ? A good question and very useful if you really want an OO programming language for your everyday use.  There are some cool web-hosted runtimes for .NET I use codepad and ideone as they are simple and it JUST works all time!! Please find a simple snippet i wrote // To ensure each tokens are of 3 characters in length (else put space) and concatenate into a single string using System; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace ClassLibrary { class Class1 { static void Main() { string s = "123".PadRight(3).Substring(0,3); string s2 = "".PadRight(3).Substring(0,3); string s3 = "45".PadRight(3).Substring(0,3); string s4 = "6789".PadRight(3).Substring(0,3); System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder(); sb.Append(s); sb.Append(s2); sb.Append(s3); sb.Append(s4); Console.Write(sb.ToString()

Android quick tips to remove and install an APK

Pre-req Need to have ADB installed Our aim is to install an old version of Music.apk onto a custom version. So the steps are like... adb devices     #(shows list of devices attached) adb remount   #mounts the directory for writing. adb shell pm list packages -f     #Lists all apps (.apk's) you have installed on phone adb shell rm /system/app/Music2.apk                #Removes the apk. adb push C:/pgms/"Music.apk" /system/app    #Specify full directory adb shell pm list packages -f         #Confirm Music.apk  installation exit   [ad#ad-3]

Unlock ZTE Crescent - Orange SanFrancisco2 or Tmobile Vivacity

First of All Full Credits to Team in Modaco . Please find full credit and details at:  Modaco ZTE Crescent Unlock Thread . I've just rewritten the steps for simplification purposes only. If you are starter, there are two parts to the section:  (a) Unlocking ..   &   (b) Installing ROM [ad#ad-3] (a)Unlocking Pre-requisites. Please install below softwares into your Windows PC. Unzip /Archive Software. I prefer 7zip . Either ( Android SDK )  OR else (Install ADB + Drivers ) QPST Tools -  Download Here Unlock File for  Vivacity   ( )  OR  San Francisco2 (========). BEWARE:  Using incorrect will BRICK your device . Extract it using 7zip into a folder. (eg:Vivacity_Unlock_Directory) If you want a new ROM installed, download the ROM. Copy this ROM into your Phone's SD card. (in Phone's SD Card create a folder  "ROMs" and put the rom inside that for easy identification. See "Install ROM" section below) Now Let's Start the

How to revert back to google docs from google drive?

Many of us must have faced issues of corporate firewall blocking URL's like, dropbox etc. I changed from google docs to google drive recently and found that my company have blocked "". Whatever you try, google redirects your URL to "" and there is NO HELP from our network adminstrator. My scenario is 1. Google Drive -> blocked 2. Google docs ( -> OK 3. Google won't allow to switch back to old google docs URL  (Hence using Temporarily classic looks fails) !! I couldn't find a technical solution yet. But found a workaround .. a)  Create a new gmail address or use another gmail address but DO NOT enable google Drive. Hence use old google docs in that.  (let's say  SECONDACC ) From your original (problem facing) google drive, create a new folder and share the folder and its contents with SECONDACC . This needs to be done at somewhere you have complete access outside corporate fir

Stacktraces from leading websites

I'll try to put in the stacktraces from various important websites, so that it gives a clue on how their online structures are designed.   This is what I got once i browsed "" type  Exception report message description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request. exception neo.xredsys.api.PersistentStoreException: java.sql.SQLException: Too many concurrent update operations (/neo/io/services/DatabaseUpdateThrottleService.maximumConcurrent) neo.xredsys.api.IOObjectLoader.getPublication( com.escenic.servlet.EscenicAPIResolverImpl.getPublication( sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor99.invoke(Unknown Source) sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( com.escenic.servlet.CacheInvocationHandler.invoke( $Proxy3.getPublication(Unknown Source) com.

iOS6 Features in a nutshell

iOS6 Beta Features and enhancements Just to reduce the clutter and put the important/useful ios6 features from WWDC 2012 The improvements are OK, but not huge as hyped by other sites. 1. Some major changes to Siri like auto launch apps, lot of integration (twitter, rotten tomatoes etc..), more language support and more localised information I liked the SIRI integration piece with the in-car systems which could be game changer 2. Big jump in facebook integration. (allowing contacts, calendar, location etc..) I'm not a big fan of over posting your data into facebook and its all about that !! 3. Phone and call enhancements Do Not Disturb Mode will still allow calls to be received, but won't ring or light up. But settings can be done if the caller calls twice as it can be urgent. Options to text-back or call later if you are busy or driving. I liked these enhancements which were present in Android using external apps. 4. Maps enhancements The major change is iOS6 no m

Financial Newspapers without ads

I follow quite lot of Business News.  Though the news are so much manipulated, it gives an overall idea of what's going around the business world around you.  I like Bloomberg's ipad application as its very intuitive. Financial Times ( is unfortunately paid. "Economic Times" is good to get news at macro Level, but unfortunately its flooded by Ads !! So you all might know how to read these news papers without ads? Bloomberg is decent, so not worth the effort to remove ads Financial times trick is to use google cache.  For clues on various tags use their RSS  -   and use the meta information to search in another window of google. Then click on cache to read the article. (eg Search in google for Mon, 04 June 2012) Economic times is based in India but they too have RSS feeds which is good.  Use the link   to the news without ads. In general, if you get the link

Yahoo API tryouts

Yahoo API Playground Most of the Yahoo API's deliver data in XML or JSON formats which is very helpful to end users. I was trying out various YAHOO! tools and found Yahoo GeoPlanet useful. The documentation is very detailed and helpful if you are developing something..  Let me give some examples.. If you want to get latitude and longtude of a place or reverse calculate it? Try these directly..  (Thanks to GeoPlanet API's),+Southampton,+Hampshire,-1.417612&gflags=R Details of Yahoo Geo tools  (GeoPlanet Guide) Where On Earth Identifiers  (WOEID) Its a 32bit identifier, which is unique and non-repeated. This has a parent-child relationship to places, which makes it human understandable in the meantime useful for automated systems. The summary of all

Yahoo API's and developer network

I aways believed Sun Microsystems gave maximum benefit to the computing world. They developed a lot of technology and made it Open source. Now since Sun is under grip of Oracle, who should take its place? I believe Yahoo is slowly replacing Sun's footprint of donating technology to the world. I came across the developer network of Yahoo!. I can see most of their works are now Open source and very powerful. Take the case of YUI3. Its a marvellous library and framework for web developers. Just listing some of the best Yahoo Developer Tools YUI - User interface, Javascript and CSS library framework Mojito - Free Javascript MVC framework Placefiner - An excellent tool YQL - Yahoo Query language. A great console as well YSlow - Firefox add-on if you are site developer There were other quite few great ones Yahoo! answers was great, but got eclipsed by stackoverflow. Yahoo Messenger - got down due to google gmail plugin You could see all Yahoo Developer offerings here.. http

Print next line after a pattern

Just had a requirement to print the current line with pattern and next line. This seems to be pretty straight forward with AWK awk '/YOUR_STRING/{c=1;{print}next}c-->0'   <yourFile> if you put c=2, it will print the next two lines   Eg.  sampleData.txt containg.. EmployeeName ABC XYZ QPR LMN awk '/EmployeeName/{c=1;{print}next}c-->0'   sampleData.txt will print.. EmployeeName ABC if you don't want headers.. awk '/EmployeeName/{c=1;next}c-->0'   sampleData.txt  

Siteminder installation into Apache

We had a recent installation of Siteminder (Web Access management tool) into our systems and had to be configured into existing apache installation. Here are some issues which came up and the tips which you could look into: 1. Did you give write permission to "site minder user"? for Apache Conf directory (<apache_root>/apache/conf). Write permission for  "httpd.conf"  file as well. 2. Created directory "/opt/netegrity". Ideally this should be created in separate filesystem as a good practice. This would become much helpful for clustering and promotional model. 3. Add entries in the "load module section" within the Apache "httpd.conf"  file LoadModule sm_module /opt/netegrity/webagent/bin/ SmInitFile <location of apache>/conf/WebAgent.conf 4. Manually add handlers # Manually added for siteminder # Add handlers # Siteminder .exe # AddHandler cgi-script .exe # Siteminder .fcc AddHandler smformsauth-handler

Proxy Server and its uses

I used to use many public proxy servers for accessing sites which are blocked by intranet or restricted sites. But recently the company policy started to block many of the public proxy sites, thus pushing me back to square one. !! I saw a great article from Amit (labnol) , to setup a proxy of your own !! That's really cool. That link gives step by step instructions to setup your own proxy server within "appspot"  , i.e. google app engine site. You could try out one sample at : (if you really can't setup your own) You could give your URL directly by appending it to the proxy application .. eg DON'T try to include keyword Proxy in your app address as most of the intranet filters checks for those keywords.