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Create your own Passport Photo using GIMP

This tutorial is for semi-techies who knows a bit of GIMP (image editing).   This tutorial is for UK style passport photo ( 45mm x 35 mm ) which is widely used in UK, Australia, New Zealand, India etc.  This is a quick and easy process and one can create Passport photos at home If you are non-technical, use this link   .  If you want to create United States (USA) Passport photo or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) photo, please follow this link How to Make your own Passport Photo - Prerequisite GIMP - One of the best image editing tools and its completely Free USB stick or any memory device to store and take to nearby shop A quality Digital camera Local Shops where you can print. Normally it costs (£0.15 or 25 US cents) to print 8 photos Steps (Video Tutorial attached blow of this page) Ask one of your colleague to take a photo  of you with a light background. Further details of how to take a photo  yourself       Take multiple pictures so that you can choose from th

Creating Passport photos yourself at home

Ever wondered why wasting so much money to print your  passport photos? You could easily get 4-8 passport photos for £0.25 instead of £5 !!  That's 20times savings !! The below guide shows "How to Make passport photos at Home" There are two ways you can proceed to create your own passport photos: For Non-technical folks - Upload photo option Semi-Technical or Technical folks  - Do within your PC. Tutorial using GIMP The GIMP tutorial is now split to UK/Australia/India passport photos using GIMP - (3.5cmx4.5cm) US/Indian OCI passport photos using GIMP - 50.8mm x 50.8mm (2" x 2")