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Google Domains & Setting up customised email without workspace

 Google Domains & Setting up customised email Summary Google services are extremely powerful and can be customised to great extend than you could ever imagine. In this article, we will look into setting up SMTP & Email forwarding from your own domain and gmail at zero cost (Well cost of the domain) Pre-Reqs A domain and Ability to amend DNS MX records (Example uses google domains and addresses are availble for around $10 per year) Gmail address Steps Domain Steps - Setting up Email Forwarding Setup Email Forwarding Navigate to:<your_domain>/dns Select  Email -> Email Forwarding -> Add email alias Add -> Verify You should get an email to your "" address  Verify it by clicking on the link Verify if the MX records have come up in your DNS URL Select DNS and Verify MX record has been added Please wait some time (an hour or so) and send an email to your new address  " " and see

CRUD form using Datatables with dynamic Add & Delete rows

Hope you guys have suffered same issues as me with Web Development to create forms with Create/Read/Update/Delete functionality. I really use "Datatables" ( ) for displaying data in tabular format.  Datatables has got many advantages and is easily compatible with bootstrap stylings. IE8+ support, major browser support and uses jQuery as its core Can natively map JSON data Searching and Filtering functionality with pagination Support MultiLanguage support, ClientSide Sorting, AJAX based inputs Can filter required Columns at front-end Datatables is free but it's editor (editable tables) are paid. Hence I thought of putting together a simple table to use for editing and publishing data for POST purposes. In Summary, what we are doing here is Creating HTML stub with table headers within a form . Also add "Add Row" and "Delete Row" buttons with onclick actions attached to it and a "Submit" button In your javas

Web Development Test bed

There are quite few test-bed online for your web-development . JSFiddle was on the top but now it is loosing its sheen. I have now moved most of my web-development tests to "plunker" which is much advanced than already available ones. Moreover you can integrate with your id thus keeping version of your code Please find a sample Plunker embedded into google blogger (Sample below) Loading plunk... Code to embed is:

Data visualisation and HTML playground

For those who are working on Web development and data visualisation, below links are very useful. Some are for providing the much needed data visualization techniques, while others provide CSS and javascript integration   #To test various CSS features  #alernative graphs  # visualisation samples