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Big Data - Jobs, tools and how to ace it

Big Data : Overview of Structure and Jobs  The demand for big data resources have increased dramatically in past few years. The requirements to create and get most out of "Big Data" environment is classified into 3 tiers Base Layer - DevOps and Infrastructure Mid  Layer - Understanding & manipulating data Front Layer - Analytics, data science I feel the jobs surrounding "Big Data" would also ultimately reflect this. Learning Big Data should be also based on these tiers. Software Suite/Tools Base Layer - Summary This layer forms the core infrastructure of "big data" platform and should be horizontally scalable. OS - Linux is the way forward for big data technologies. RedHat, SuSe, Ubuntu, CentOS Distributed Computing tools/software - Hadoop, Splunk Data Storage - Splunk, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra Configuration management - Ansible, Puppet, Chef Others - Networking knowledge, Version Control (Git) Mid Layer - Summary This

Siteminder installation into Apache

We had a recent installation of Siteminder (Web Access management tool) into our systems and had to be configured into existing apache installation. Here are some issues which came up and the tips which you could look into: 1. Did you give write permission to "site minder user"? for Apache Conf directory (<apache_root>/apache/conf). Write permission for  "httpd.conf"  file as well. 2. Created directory "/opt/netegrity". Ideally this should be created in separate filesystem as a good practice. This would become much helpful for clustering and promotional model. 3. Add entries in the "load module section" within the Apache "httpd.conf"  file LoadModule sm_module /opt/netegrity/webagent/bin/ SmInitFile <location of apache>/conf/WebAgent.conf 4. Manually add handlers # Manually added for siteminder # Add handlers # Siteminder .exe # AddHandler cgi-script .exe # Siteminder .fcc AddHandler smformsauth-handler