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Chromecast vs AppleTV vs Raspberry Pi vs Roku vs Others (2015)

Never waste your money on buying SMART TV's :)  But buy one of these to make your LED/LCD tv smart and control with your phone/home automation Let's compare between  Chromecast vs AppleTV vs Raspberry Pi vs Roku vs Others in 2015. Previous version comparison can be found here Chromecast 2 Google came with a new design for Chromecast 2, with a much better antenna (802.11ac) and perfect price ($35) Built in apps like HBO, Spotify, Youtube, Netflix (but all its competitors have these apps) Though aesthetic is much better, In my opinion it doesn't matter as it sits behind the Television Much improved casting from your phone, Laptop.. almost any devices with a cast option Also I liked that it doesn't have a remote, coz you can control from your phone Lacking power to play games Apple TV4 Coming with Top Specs and a cool Remote Control (Though I feel your iPhone is more than sufficient), Apple TV4 released in 2015-September boasts of (Price around $150

Chromecast vs Miracast and Miracast devices review

Many of you would have seen Google announcing "Chromecast" device across many countries. You might also have seen references of "Miracast" too in many blogs. So what are they and how they differ? Chromecast is a hardware device (dongle shaped) developed and marketed by Google. The device plugs into the HDMI port of your television/projector and, plays audio/video pushed via Wifi from a limited set of support devices and softwares/apps. The apps are limited and following link shows supported apps . Miracast is a wireless screen-mirroring/casting standard using Wifi. This can be equated to bluemooth media transfer which you might be familiar already. Miracast thus is NOT a hardware, not a software , but just a standard so that corporations/developers can build their devices (laptop, smartphone, tablets etc..) to push media content to your Television or projectors. Miracast can be better compared to Airplay rather than Chromecast . Thus Chromecast and Mi

Google Chromecast vs Raspberry Pi vs Apple TV vs Roku vs Cubieboard (&others)

Let the "Living Room" media entertainment start ....  Who will be the winner? Dont know, but surely, everyone loves to have a bite including samsung, htc, lg etc..   Let's try to compare the strategy , specifications and Tech Specs of Google Chromecast , Raspberry Pi, Apple TV and other less known brands For an updated list for 2015, please visit this link Apple TV  I have owned Apple TV3 from when it was released. Cost varies around £60 - £100 in the UK from various sellers.  Apple TV3 is very powerful at time of launch. A5 chip, Wi-Fi (b/g/n), HDMI, 1080p full HD, Airplay support  ( Full Specs here ) within Highly restrictive and till now NOT able to jailbreak AppleTV3 (at time of writing). Very limited set of inbuilt apps unless jailbroken. This would feel restrictive for advanced users and for poor apps (like Lovefilm) which doesn't have airplay support.  In Summary, AppleTV requires more of an apple Environment. You could buy mirroring softwares like