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db2top utility

Recently I had learnt about a great utility within DB2 to view the dynamic queries and session details.  The utility is called " db2top "   (Careful db2stop will stop DB !!) To access it 1. Login to db2 user..  (say db2iuser1) 2. db2top -d myDB  # myDB is my database name 3. click on "l" key. It will show all the sessions hitting the database 4. Click on "a" key to interrogate a specific session. And enter the session number shown in above screen 5. Press "f" to force the session out. (Be careful). You might need to try twice as sometimes the session might come up again. Enter key is for "action" and "refresh" etc. Ensure that the command is not let run continously, as it takes fair bit of memory in long run. A good quide within IBM   is for command line execution, and also with batch mode options.