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pfsense: Create multiple vLAN and segregate traffic

pfsense: Create multiple vLAN and segregate traffic Summary pfSense is an excellent product and can be customised better than professional devices available from large vendors. pfSense is open-source, can be installed into an old laptop or Mini-PC and can scale from home lab setup to medium-large enterprises. This article focus on Creating "multiple LAN segments" within your home network, thus segregating traffic for different type of devices Pre-Reqs device with pfsense installed. I have installed pfsense in an OLD laptop with 2 ethernet ports VLAN switch  with ability to Securely separate networks (VLAN) (New type of plus switches are cheaper around £20/$30 for 8 ports) Quite few Ethernet cables (short lengths would be perfect) Setup within pfsense The settings are divided mainly into 3 parts Creation of VLANs (For instance I've created 3 VLANs as below). The VLAN tag is quite important setting which is used to filter within the Switch Configuration of VLANs (eg shown