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Elastic Beats on pfSense : Installation and configuration

Summary Though in many cases syslog is preferred to transport the pfSense logs to external system, Elastic beats provides quite a niche way to send the logs while modelling the data alongside. This makes it ready-made to send to ElasticSearch directly and get ready-made outcomes like SIEM, performance etc. Pre-reqs A build server (preferably Ubuntu or Fedora) with internet connectivity shell access to pfsense server Basic knowledge of Elastic Stack (filebeat.yml configurations etc) Ensure connectivity is allowed from pfsense machine to your Elastic Stack receiver Setup Summary Connectivity tests Install dependencies in build server (vagrant, virtualbox, gmake, go etc) Download Elastic Beats source Make elastic Beats package for FreeBSD Copy binary packages to pfsense server Configure Beats to send to destination Configure ElasticSearch to view the data Installation Steps Connectivity tests Logon to pfsense server via Shel

Clone multiple VM's and create multiple VM's using vagrant

Vagrant is an excellent tool for automation and doing proof of concepts (POC's). In many of the POC's you might need cluster and vagrant can do the clustering in matter of minutes by cloning an existing VM and then making into multiple Virtual machines Assumption You have basic idea of Linux & vagrant we are going to use centos/7 for vagrant guest The host is Fedora25/Redhat/CentOs system. Can be easily done for ubuntu as well Let's see the overall Summary of what we are doing to do create a working directory download and install virtualbox, then vagrant clean-up any unwanted boxes you have. putting the config file and provisioning Validating the nodes Creating a working Directory sudo su - mkdir /opt/vagrantOps cd /opt/vagrantOps Download and Install vbox, vagrant to your host (Fedora 25) vi /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualbox.repo  # with contents as per Virtualbox recommendation dnf install VirtualBox-5.1   # This will install vbox  f