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Setup VPN protected Private Wifi out of Public Wifi

Setup VPN secured Private Wifi from Public Wifi A word on Privacy While you are travelling, it is essential that you connect your mobile phone or laptop to Public Wifi especially in Airports, Hotels, Cafe's, Malls etc. Remember quite a lot of your personal information is exposed by such direct connections and is quintessential you isolate your personal device from public Wifi even if you have VPN. It is recommended to turn-off WiFi , BlueTooth during the course of journey but until unless you need it. What are we trying to do So the aim of this article is to ensure that you detach your device from public network as below.  So using the GL.inet device, we will  Accept a Public Network connection (WAN) via wired or wireless Apply VPN settings Create a separate Private Network (LAN) which your personal devices can connect to Pre-Reqs OpenWRT based devices (such as GL-MT300N , GL-MT1300 Beryl etc LAN cable (for first time setup) is highly recommended VPN connection (eg NORDVPN, SurfS

OpenVPN configuration for CentOS

This article is specifically for PrivateInternetAccess on CentOS. As you might see there are no written packages/support for CentOS. I've followed a very good article from this link , but that was not enough as I had to tweak a lot afterwards. Just to write down the key points here Install OpenVPN using yum (enable EPEL beforehand)  sudo yum install openvpn Please follow all steps as per this article.  Hope you have copied all VPN files in /etc/openvpn and the credentials to /root/.pia When you start, VPN it throws an error [root@localhost openvpn]# systemctl start openvpn@server.service Job for openvpn@server.service failed. See 'systemctl status openvpn@server.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details. This is because you need to ensure the files/configurations you put in /etc/openvpn needs to be " Set files with the openvpn_etc_t type " How to set files with a specific type Please follow below instructions sudo