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IMDB API's and URL based search parameters

Advanced Search in IMDB

I'm a big fan of IMDB and everytime if you really want to do detailed search, you need to use IMDB Advanced Search. But this is not practical each time, but seems you could tweak IMDB URL's to do magic searches.

Few examples below. If you look the search tag, everything is self explanatory

  • Most Popular English/Hindi-Language Feature Films Released 1 January 1980 Or Later With User Rating Between 7.5 And 10 and At Least 500 Votes,hi&num_votes=500,&release_date=1980-01-01,&title_type=feature&user_rating=7.5,

  • Highest Rated Feature Films Not In "watchlist" Released 2011 Or Later With At Least 5,000 Votes,&release_date=2011,&sort=user_rating,desc,&title_type=feature&my_ratings=exclude&lists=!watchlist

  • IMDB Top TV Series - Highest Rated TV Series With At Least 2,000 Votes,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=tv_series

  • Highest Rated Action Feature Films Released In 2013,2013

  • Now a more complex one: Most Popular ---->United States-G/United States-PG/United States-PG-13/United States-R/United States-NC-17 ---->Color ---->DTS ---->IMDb "Top 1000" ---->English-Language ---->Action-Thriller ---->TV Movies ---->Released 1 January 2000 to 1 January 2014 ---->US Box Office Between $100,000 And $200,000,000 ---->20,000-100,000 Votes, ---->Country of Origin United States, ---->User Rating Between 8.4 And 9.2 , ---->20th Century Fox Among Companies And Sony Among Companies And DreamWorks Among Companies And Paramount Among Companies , ---->Production Status: Released ---->Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio,200000000&certificates=us:g,us:pg,us:pg_13,us:r,us:nc_17&colors=color&companies=fox,columbia,dreamworks,paramount&countries=us&genres=action,thriller&groups=top_1000&has=alternate-versions,awards,asin-blu-ray-ca,asin-blu-ray-us,asin-blu-ray-de,asin-blu-ray-fr,asin-blu-ray-uk,asin-hardcover-ca,asin-hardcover-us&languages=en&num_votes=20000,100000&production_status=released&release_date=2000-01-01,2014-01-01&role=nm0000138&sound_mixes=dts&title_type=tv_movie&user_rating=8.4,9.2

Pure API

For developers, a good list of API's can be found in this Stackoverflow Question

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